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Ladies Night In!
Book Club Dinner

Gather your friends for a fun evening with healthy eats!


Friendships are a vital part of our well being and self care. A recent study said spending time with your girlfriends has many positive impacts on your health (but we already knew that!). We ladies need to make a concerted effort to nourish these friendships. Sometimes it can be a spontaneous gathering, but other times it's nice to deliberately plan a fun evening with the girls. This can look like a bunco group, birthday night, church group, writing group... you name it!

One way I fill my cup is through my book club. Every few weeks, I gather with a group of bright, kind, smart and creative woman. We share a meal, socialize and laugh a lot! Oh, and we discuss our current book selection (check out my top picks of 2018!). As a group we've developed stronger bonds, become more open-minded and have been a support network for each other. Providing a meal for this group lifts me up.

We gather during the week so these ladies like to keep it light and casual. I put together a comfortable but healthy meal that can be easily adjusted for various dietary restrictions. If this sounds inviting to you then put together a group and enjoy the menu below!


Dinner Menu


Signature Cocktail: Rosé 

It’s #RoséAllDay for the ladies! Rosé is known as a summer drink, but because it is so light and refreshing it makes the perfect casual cocktail for ladies night in. So it’s #AnyDayRosé for us.  

Did you know that Colorado has a vibrant wine industry? The high altitude climate and unique soil combination on the western slope make for some wonderful wine making grapes. For this ladies night, I visited my favorite local wine and spirits shop, Hazel’s Beverage World to find the perfect selection. Hazel’s wine expert, Jack recommended Colterris Coral, a wine maker located in the Grand Valley overlooking the Colorado River. The ladies loved the rosé, especially the hint of floral and fruits. And you could practically taste the fresh peaches from the orchards that are a part of the estate (the vineyard is on my list to visit this summer!).

First Course: Nutty Olive Tapenade

This starter looks and tastes delicious, plus it’s gluten and dairy-free! Serve it with crunchy veggies or your favorite gluten-free snacks and dippers.

Main Course: Nature’s Bounty Salad with Orange Blossom Dressing

Give your guests a delicious variety of fruits, veggies and protein in this hearty salad. full of unique flavors.

Main Course: Crunchy Pretzel-Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken Strips

These chicken strips are full of nourishing ingredients and super tasty! Your guests can take a piece as a side to their salad or they can take several strips for a full protein portion.

Dessert: Yummy Clean Baked Apples

Wow your guests with a dessert that not only looks impressive but tastes incredible. Plus, it’s healthy!

Take Home Gift: DIY Bath Salts

What better way to celebrate an occasion than with a gift of self-care? Choose the aroma and coloring that you like best!