Healthy entertaining made easy and elegant.

Winter Nights,

Winter Lights

Gather friends & family for a Delicious Dinner

The new year is a great time to reset, reflect and refresh. It’s a time where you can reevaluate your priorities: letting go of what does not add value to your life and making room for the things that do.

Cooking for your friends and family is a wonderful expression of love…gathering around the table is a great gift in life. That said, hosting a classic dinner party is a splendid way to start the new year.

Too often, we get caught with the business of our everyday schedules. But, it’s crucial to take time and really connect with your friends and loved ones. Think about the companions you value most and begin the new year with a resolution to spend more time nurturing these friendships!

For this Winter Nights, Winter Lights themed dinner party, I’ve prepared a delicious and healthy winter harvest menu. Be sure to check out my food prep guide for some easy time-saving tips. May your evening be full of gratitude, goodwill and health!


Dinner Menu

Signature Cocktail: The Pommy Fizz

Welcome your guests with a refreshing sparkler to establish a festive tone for the evening.

First Course: Winter Greens Salad with Pear Vinaigrette Dressing

This easy and nutritious salad highlighting seasonal ingredients is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus, winter season greens taste better after a frost!

Main Course: Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Maple Glaze

Juicy pork tenderloin is roasted in the oven then topped with a warm sweet potato glaze for a vibrant and delicious finishing touch.

Main Course: Colorful Herb Roasted Root Vegetable Strips

Accompany your main course with a blend of fresh herbs and root veggies that taste great and add a vibrant pop of color to the dinner plate.

Dessert: Clean & Decadent Chocolate Soufflé with Berry Sauce

Save the best for last! This dessert will WOW your guests allowing them to indulge without derailing all of their healthy intentions.

Take Home Gift: Gluten-Free Almond Breakfast Granola

Send your guests home with a jar of homemade granola. The next morning’s breakfast treat will evoke memories of your hospitality and haute cuisine!

Food Prep Guide

3 days ahead of event

  • Make pear vinaigrette, store in refrigerator

  • Make berry sauce, store in refrigerator

  • Make take home almond breakfast granola, put in jars and label

Day before event

  • Prepare chocolate soufflés up to cooking stage, cover ramekins and refrigerate until 1 hour before cooking

Day of event

  • Prepare vegetables and spread on baking sheet, oven ready. If you do not have a 2nd oven, cook these ahead of time and warm just before serving.

Just before guests arrive

  • Prepare meat in a baking dish, leave out covered at room temperature for an hour before cooking time

  • Put glaze ingredients in covered saucepan, ready to heat. Heat and stir while meat is cooling. 

  • Combine all salad ingredients except vinaigrette in mixing bowl, ready to dress just before serving