Healthy entertaining made easy and elegant.

It’s A Green Cookout!

Head outdoors for a nutritious al fresco gathering

The wet weather has finally ended in Colorado! Mother Nature preempted our anticipation for summer with lots of wild weather this spring. We experienced a bomb cyclone blizzard in mid-March then another blizzard in April. And just when we thought we were drying out, Boulder was hit with four inches of snow on May 21st. I’ve never experienced significant snow that far into spring! We had over nine inches of rain throughout May and June in Boulder. Many of us were getting weary of the wet stuff—it can get depressing after a while.

The good news is that there are many advantages to a soggy spring. First and foremost, Colorado is drought-free for the first time in years. This means a secure water supply, happy wildlife and happy firefighters. The flowers are blooming and will last longer. And the icing on the cake is that we’re experiencing an explosion of GREEN statewide with beautiful, lush green grass, trees and wildlife. Those of us accustomed to living in a desert climate are not used to this influx of green and we’re loving it!

In honor of all this green growth, I’ve put together a green-themed cookout. The menu is full of leafy greens and green herbs. The amazing avocado shows up in four of the recipes on this summer menu as well. It is actually a fruit and known as the symbol of love because avocados grow in pairs on trees, Also, one tree needs another tree close by to grow.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals, high in potassium, high in healthy fats and high in fiber. They have anti-aging benefits for skin and hair, and they are good for eye health. What a metaphor for the perfect life!

These gems are so versatile as you will see in my Green Cookout menu. Check it out and then invite your friends over for a delicious and nutritious backyard gathering! It’s not your average cookout.


Cookout Menu

Scott’s Fresh Lime Margarita

Skip the simple syrup! This fresh, clean margarita is easy to make and has no added sugar.

Green Angel Salad

I combine juicy grapes, crunchy pistachios and greens to make this nutritious starter.

Avocado Cilantro Salad Dressing

This spin on green goddess dressing is super creamy and versatile. Try it on my green angel salad, quinoa and more.

Grilled Avocado Bowls with Charred Corn Salad

Eating outdoors just got a whole lot healthier! These avocado bowls are beautiful and delicious. The charred corn salsa adds an earthy enhancement your guests will love.

Green Pesto Salmon with Crunchy Cashews

The dish looks gourmet but is easy to prepare. My flavorful extra green pesto helps keep the fish moist and toasted cashews add a welcome crunch.

Extra Green Pesto

Quick and easy pesto with clean ingredients and added greens? Sign me up! Your guests will love the flavor that this pesto adds to their grilled salmon. Use what you need and freeze the rest!

Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

Wow, is this ice cream good. Plus it’s dairy-free, refined sugar-free and packed with nutrients. You’re going to need willpower not to gobble this all up!