Healthy entertaining made easy and elegant.

Healthy Food. Healthy Life.

Hi there, I’m Susan. Thanks for visiting! Nourish & Charm came from my love of bringing my family and friends together through food. Cooking for people is a sentiment that creates harmony and intimacy and we can all use more of that these days!

After confronting a multiple sclerosis diagnosis several years ago, I adopted a healthy eating lifestyle that has had a positive impact on my mind and body. It’s also influenced how I cook for myself and others, including my dog Winnie.

Lucky for me, I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, which I consider to be the wellness capital of our country. Here, I have been able to successfully manage my health. I’ve embraced the Colorado lifestyle with my love for skiing, hiking, Pure Barre and cycling (shout-out to the folks at Peloton). I‘m also an aspiring golfer and blogger and a proud supporter of Children’s Hospital Colorado whom I’ve partnered with to create a wellness program for young adults.

As a wife and mother of three, I embrace and rely on my connection to my community. I love to throw dinner parties, luncheons and other festive events and thrive on hospitality. Whenever I entertain, I know that a significant portion of my guests will be gluten-free or require other dietary accommodations. It seems like almost everyone is looking to eat cleaner and healthier these days! As a result, I have learned to cook and entertain clean but delectable.

I built this platform as a way to share my recipes and entertaining tips with others. You can host elegant and nutritious events that will leave your guests dazzled! Always gluten-free, and all without derailing your health. Yes…. this is your guide to Nourish & Charm!