Candy Bulb Graduation Party Favors

Candy Bulb Graduation Party Favors

You probably know by now that I love having little take-home mementos at my gatherings. They're just a little accent to salute the celebration. And your guests will remember it!

For my graduation brunch, I came up with a clever take-home gift that is easy to make. It’s a light bulb filled with colorful candy with a note of endorsement for your grads. Here’s how…


  1. Purchase bulk plastic light bulb containers (these are a great option)

  2. Purchase large packages of bright and colorful small chocolate candies. (I use Unreal chocolate gems because they use sustainable, natural ingredients including coloring by vegetables)

  3. Make sheets of labels with a message written or printed on it. For my graduation brunch, I used messages like “You are headed for a bright future”, “You have a bright future” or “You are the brightest bulb”. Hole punch the labels.

  4. Cut 7-inch strips of thin ribbon.

  5. Fill the light bulb containers with the candy and secure them. String the ribbon through the hole on the label and wrap it around the top of the bulb.

  6. Display your bulbs at your event to give off another splash of color