3-Ingredient Clean Watermelon Icee

3-Ingredient Clean Watermelon Icee

When the sun is shining and the heat is on, it’s a great time for a frosty treat. These watermelon icees are a delicious way to hydrate while satisfying your sweet craving at the same time. Made of only three ingredients, these can be a fun treat for the kids. Or, dress up your icees in a pretty glass and serve them as a nice, light dessert at your next summer gathering!

You will need an ice cream maker for this recipe. I highly recommend you invest in this summer essential. Personally, I’ve had great results from Cuisinart’s 2-quart Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker.

There are so many easy and healthy treats that you can make with this inexpensive appliance, including my chocolate avocado ice cream. It’s worth every penny!


  • 4 cups of fresh watermelon (cut up)

  • 2 T raw honey

  • Juice of 1 lime


Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture is liquefied. Pour mixture in the frozen cavity of the ice cream maker and process until you have your desired soft, icy consistency (about 20 minutes). Do not over process or it will get too hard. Serve immediately after making it. Makes 4 servings.

TIP: If you are serving this to adults, you can add ½ cup of your favorite spirit (vodka, rum or tequila) during the blending process and get a little extra zip!